Here are some of our testimonials. These are just a sample of the many happy Total Control customers we have served.

 1) Tracey Hofer , Siesta Key " I have had several rental properties over the years and Total Control has handled problems with termites, rats, carpenter ants, roaches, and bees. They are the most service oriented pest control company I have ever dealt with. Best of all they speak to my tenants and coordinate everything with their schedules. "

2) Rick Huddleston, Myakka City " I had Drywood and Subterranean Termites and Total Control offered me their Complete Coverage and gave me Pest Control for free when they treated for Termites. Now I have one bill with one Pest Control Company. They gave me a lifetime warranty for the termite work!!! "

 3) Suni Byrns, Realtor Bradenton FL " I have used Total Control for all of my clients inspections and termite treatments. They will do inspections on Saturdays, give me 24 hour turnaround, and are the best at tenting for termites. "
4) James Franklin, Fort Myers " I needed a property tented for Drywood Termites with only 48 hours notice and Total Control got it done so we could close on time. Thanks Total Control! "

When you choose Total Control for your termite and pest protection you get the best possible price and the highest level of service available. Click here to contact us now.